Amol Mittal

Web Developer/Designer | Software Engineer

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Phone: 415.504.1967
  • user interfaces should be obvious
  • forms should speak human, not robot
  • applications should be straightforward
  • design should be clean and clever
  • pixels out of place are not acceptable
  • distractions should be at a minimum
  • ads should not be annoying
  • intent should be aligned with ethics
  • pride should not be sacrificed
  • fun must be had
i believe
  • Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy)
  • PHP (Yii, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress)
  • JS jQuery, React, Backbone
  • Microservices, API Design, DB Design
  • AB Testing, Unit Testing, Jenkins, CI
  • Git, Ansible, Vagrant, AWS
  • Sprints, Kanban, Standups, Agile, Retros
  • Opensource Flash, Remoting
  • Object Oriented Design/Development
  • Website Mockups/Wireframing
i know
i spy

I build apps I would use myself.
Most of my projects have been an afterthought of statements such as

“Hmm... I can’t believe this doesn’t already exist” or
“This is not good enough; if only they had done it this way” or
“I really wish there were an easier way to do this.” or
“Sounds hard, lets give it a shot.

php mysql react | redux sketch | ux design agile

  • Core member of the commerce team, I helped manage a fully custom eCommerce application, the back end order processing flow, and custom administration and support tools.
  • Refactored and modernized legacy code for the shopping cart processes to REST Api.
  • Built a modern responsive eCommerce shopping cart in ReactJS/Redux.
  • Spearheaded a redesign of Shipping and Billing checkout flows for superior UX.
  • Refactored legacy php app to use python microservices.
  • Helped teams move towards Agile Development practices.

python | php mysql | elasticsearch html5 | css3 node | react | bootstrap agile

  • Core member of the Credit Cards Team supporting all efforts in a full stack capacity.
  • Built custom ETL framework (python|flask) to extract, normalize and ingest partner data.
  • Set up draft-validate-publish system and procedures for all partner data updates.
  • Built custom cms (python, node, react) to allow team to curate, maintain and audit all credit cards data.
  • Refactored legacy php app to use python microservices.
  • Built libraries and APIs to centralize data in a multi-app, multi-language ecosystem.
  • Built tools to ensure integrity for data responsible for more than 90% of company revenue.

php | mysql html5 | css3 webRTC Redesign

Lead Web Developer & Platform Designer for a one of a kind relationship site that aims to help people in loving relationships. Upon joining the barebones team, I took the lead and refactored and modularized the app through the CodeIgniter framework. Also built a custom Admin CMS to manage the custom features of the site. Built a custom quiz platform to test which would evaluate couples and suggest relavent content on the site. Built a custom in-browser video chat room leveraging the WEBRTC API. Built a scheduling and calendaring system for scheduling appointments. Gave the website a complient design overall. Created wireframes and full fidelity mocks. Implemented new design using Foundation library

php mysql html5 css3 AJAX jQuery | Backbone.js

PicDrops is my attempt to bring sanity to the online photo sharing world. In its current (very much alpha) state, it serves mainly as a facebook photo viewer. I personally designed and developed the entire site, using HTML5 CSS Javascript (jQuery, Backbone, Underscore), Facebook API, MySQL, PHP. This service is currently under heavy construction and many updates are to be coming soon.

php mysql html5 css3 AJAX

A niche community for DIY desktop and home theater pc builders. The entire website was build from scratch using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery, AJAX. The site was conceptualized, designed, and developed by me. This is still a work in progress.

php mysql html5 css3 AJAX Flash Video

Upgraded and maintained almost all aspects of a CodeIgniter/MySQL based website. Created custom shopping cart experience with promo code capability integrating with the Stripe payment system. Developed custom admin panel/cms for report generation and data/content administration. Contributed in Design decisions for look and feel of website.

Selected Design Samples

Adobe Creative Suite Wireframes Mockups Prototypes Responsive Design

A collection of wireframes & mockups I designed and implemented a few of the various projects I've been involved. Some of these are still in development, while others have been taken offline.